USB extension cables are  one of the most used Tech gadget in the world.  Most of the PC uses use this cab use this  cable  to attach USB devices to the PC.  If you are a user who is having a PC at home and your system unit  is placed under your table,   you must have an  extension cable  connected to PC and placed on top of your table.  There are different kind of USB extension cables  in the market.  Most of them are  Chinese products with no quality.  Today we are going to review about AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Extension Cable.

This cable is 3 meters long and have a a male to female adapter. This adapter is ten times faster than USB 2.0 extensions. This adapter can be use with printers, cameras, mice, keyboards and other USB computer peripherals. This item has a good build quality and this is made using corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors for optimal signal clarity. This product’s manufacturer is AmazonBasics. Because of that you will receive highest quality product with great customer care. This product has more than 7000 customer review and also 4.6 out of 5 star rating in Amazon. But some customers have their concerns regarding the power transfer through this cable. Some people try to charge they are phone through this cable but did you get the full power. And also some people complained about you seen this table as extension for the webcam. After going through with the comments and revive of this product I realized this product is not suitable to extend your webcam. Some people used this to power the raspberry pi and it worked perfectly. This cable is not the best extension cable in the market. There are much better extension cables than this we can find. But they are not cheaper like this. For this price, this is the best product you can buy.